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ASP .NET Training Course in Patna

Patna Industrial Training (PIT) offer Web Development Training. ASP.Net Web Development program is a 6 Months Job assured Training – 6 Weeks Certificate Training in the fields of HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript/JQuery, ASP With .NET Framework, and MySQL/SQL Server.

In this training program, you will learn multiple web technologies like (Client Side Script & Server Side Script) that will enable you to create our own Web Application. This training program is design and trained by PIT’s team of experts who have built different real time, market demanding Web Application/Project. You will learn through different resource. For a great hands-on learning experience, the training program is designed with assignments, assessment tests, code challenges, quizzes, and exercises. At the end of this training program, you will build a commercial application that will seamlessly work across different devices. For doubt clearing, you can post your queries on the PIT’s training forum and get answers within a few hours.


6 Weeks Course + Verified Certificate + Live Project + Job Assistance

ASP .NET Training Course in Patna


Module 1 - HTML & CSS

Learn HTML & CSS to build structure of webpages and to style them.

  • HTML Introduction
  • HTML PageStructure
  • Tags andElements
  • TextFormatting
  • Attributes
  • Hyperlinks
  • Cascading StyleSheets
  • BoxModel
  • Colors
  • Fonts
  • Lists
  • CreatingLayouts
  • Images
  • Tables
  • Navigation
  • Forms
  • Miscellaneous

Module 2 - Bootstrap

Learn to use Bootstrap to develop responsive mobile webpages.

  • Introduction
  • Breakpoints
  • Containingelements
  • Jumbotron & Glyphicons
  • Tables
  • Column /Rows
  • Navbar
  • Images
  • Thumbnails
  • Forms
  • Panels
  • Assignment

Module 3 - JavaScript and Jquery

Learn for Client side scripting. Mainly for enhancing the interaction of a user with the webpage and validation.

  • JS Language Fundamentals
  • JS Objects
  • JS Functions
  • JS Browser BOM
  • JS Events Handling
  • JS vs jQuery
  • JS Examples

Module 4 - SQL

Learn to write SQL queries to create, manage, and store information in the database.

  • Introduction todatabase
  • Introduction toDBMS
  • Creating the firstdatabase
  • DDL
  • Alter &Drop
  • Foreign Key &Truncate
  • DML
  • SQLJoins
  • Additional SQLfeatures
  • Assignment

Module 5 - ASP.NET

ASP.NET: Learn ASP .NET to perform operations on the database and to build functional logic.

  • .NET:Introduction
  • C# Basics
  • Functions/Arrays/Strings
  • Loops
  • NET Objects
  • DatabaseConnection with ADO.NET
  • NET
  • Form and Common Control
  • Data Controls
  • Cookies
  • Sessions
  • Basicsecurity
  • Validations withASP.NET
  • Assignment

Live Project Training and implementation

  • Hands On Exercises
  • Industrial Project
  • Certified Training
  • Forum support
  • Flexible timings
  • Professionally qualified and highly skilled and well experienced faculties on board, with hands on experience
  • Interview tests and Placement Assistance
  • Corporate Partner Assistance

Question 1 - What is this PIT Web Development Training Program about?

PIT Web Development Training Program   in  the field  of  web design & development. Students will be trained in the basics of HTML, CSS, BOOTSTRAP, JavaScript with  ASP.NET and MySQL/SQL Server.

Question 2 - How will the PIT Web Development Training Program be imparted?

The PIT Web Development Training Program  will be delivered using interactive class room Lectures  tutorials and hands on exercises.

Question 3 - What is the duration of this PIT Web Development Training Program ?

This is a 6 Months Job assured Training Or 6 Weeks Certificate Training.

Question 4 - What are the timings of this PIT Web Development Training Program ?

As this is a purely market demanding training program, students can spend minimum 4 hours in the industry and choose to learn at any time of the day. The PIT can decide the timing according to their convenience.

Question 5 - Who can join? I am a beginner/advanced user, is this PIT Web Development Training Program for me?

This training would be better suited to beginners who have no prior knowledge of Web Page or Website. Anyone who is willing learn and has interest in Web Design & Development can opt for this training program.

Question 6 -6Are there any pre-requisites for joining this PIT Web Development Training Program ?

This program is for beginners. There are no pre-requisites for Computer Science students (BCA, MSC-IT, MCA,B.Tech).

Question 7 - What are the benefits of joining PIT Web Development Training Program?

PIT Web Development Training Program is one of the most in-demand skills in the industry today. Students who join for the program will be trained in the basics of HTML, CSS, BOOTSTRAP, JavaScript with ASP.NET , and MySQL/SQL Server. At the end of the course, the student would have enough skills and concept to make his/her own website or commercial Web Application.

Question 8 - What hardware/software are required for doing this PIT Web Development Training Program?

No special hardware is required for doing this PIT Web Development Training Program. All the necessary software is providedby PIT or can be downloaded during course.

Question 9 - Will there be any project that I will get to work on?

You will have the option of making your own website as part of this training as Project, and also involve in different live project of PIT Industry Partners.

Question 10 - Will there be a certificate provided at the end of the PIT Web Development Training Program?

Yes, a certificate will be provided by PIT upon completion of the training. Students may also download a soft copy of the certificate through PIT portal.

Join PIT for Best ASP.NET Training Course in Patna

Are you interested in pursuing a successful career in Web development industry? Do you want to join top ASP.NET Training Institute in Patna? If yes, then you don’t need to worry anymore. Patna Industrial Training (PIT) is offering ASP.NET Training Course in Patna with latest course modules and placement assistance. PIT is a leading institute in imparting ASP.NET Industrial Training in Patna and our trained students are either placed in Major IT Companies or have become qualified entrepreneurs. We provide dedicated team of Microsoft certified professionals as mentors to the participating aspirants. The duration of our ASP.NET Course in Patna is 6 weeks to 6 months with working experience on live projects of the industry. The aspirants will be capable to build their own commercial web application at the end of our training.


ASP.NET Training in Patna: Introduction, its advantages and Job opportunities

ASP.NET connotes Active Server Pages and was developed by Microsoft Corporation. It is the most popular web developing platform in the world apart from Java. It is object oriented, server-side scripting and language independent platform. It is very valuable tool for developers and programmers since it facilitates them to build dynamic websites and web applications with the help of compiling languages Visual Basic and C-Sharp (C#). It is built on CLR (Common Language runtime) which can be applied on any Windows server for hosting powerful ASP.NET technologies and websites. The mentors at PIT will brief on every important aspect of ASP.NET platform while teaching ASP.NET Training Course in Patna.

ASP.NET Course offers the following advantages:

  • It drastically decreases the magnitude of code required to build rich, dynamic and large applications.
  • It keeps ASP.NET applications safe and secured with inbuilt Windows authentication.
  • HTML and ASP.NET altogether generate dynamic web pages comfortably.
  • It provides language independent framework so that programmers could be free to choose any programming language which is suitable for them.
  • This framework consists of rich toolbox and designer in Visual Studio IDE (Integrated Development Environment).
  • It is a server-side technology and thus first of all ASP.NET code executes on the web server and then it is sent to web browser.
  • The program logic and the content are dissociated in ASP.NET framework, so it decreases the program inconveniences.
  • All ASP.NET applications are managed and monitored by ASP.NET runtime so that an application could be available on request.

ASP.NET platform is providing huge Job opportunities to developers in the field of web development. PIT helps its students in grabbing those opportunities after completion of ASP.NET Training Course in Patna. The scope of ASP.NET developers are in these popular domains: Social Networking, E-Commerce, IT Web Services and Consulting, Travel and Tourism, Mass Media, Social Plug-in widgets, Finance and Insurance. In addition to it, ASP.NET developing jobs are considered reputed and highly paid jobs within IT industry.


What will you learn from our ASP.NET Course in Patna?

The aspirants will learn various web technologies such as server side scripting and client side scripting at PIT which will enable them to build their own web applications. The following methodologies can be learnt by participating aspirants at our ASP.NET Training Institute in Patna:-

  • HTML and CSS
  • Bootstrap
  • JavaScript and jQuery
  • ASP with .NET framework
  • SQL with SQL Server and MySQL
  • Hands-on working experience on NET Industrial live projects

PIT assures its aspirants that being the part of ASP.NET Training Course in Patna will bring remarkable enhancement in their theoretical and practical learning of web developing field.


Pre-requisites to join PIT for ASP.NET Training Course in Patna

Any aspirant who is keen to learn ASP.NET programming can join our ASP.NET Training Course in Patna. However it would be helpful to participating aspirants if they possess following pre-requisites:

  • Basic knowledge of C, C++ and Java
  • Foreknowledge of HTML, CSS, C# and Visual Basic

Note: If an aspirant lacks in any of these pre-requisites, there should not be any worry because PIT will arrange extra classes for such aspirant before commencement of our training course.

Why to join PIT for ASP.NET Training in Patna?

PIT is a premier institute in imparting ASP.NET Training Course in Patna. We have a team of Web developing experts as mentors having experience more than a decade. Our team has built lots of dynamic websites and different web applications as demanded by our industry clients. The aspirants can join PIT for following reasons:

  • Our course modules are devised as per current needs of web developing industry.
  • PIT regularly takes assignment tests, code challenges and quizzes so that aspirants can introspect themselves.
  • After completion of this training, PIT bestows upon participating students with Certification in NET Industrial Training in Patna which is recognized by reputed IT Enterprises.
  • We also provide NET Internship in Patna to our students so that they can have working experience on live project of the industry.
  • The aspirants will be capable to build their own commercial web application at the end of our training.
  • We also provide mock interviews with placement assistance to the aspirants.


Who can join PIT for ASP.NET Training Course in Patna?

PIT is introducing ASP.NET Training Course in Patna for Technical and Professional Streams like B.Tech, CSE, BCA, BBA, MCA, MBA.

ASP.NET Training in Patna for B.Tech students: They can gain in-depth knowledge of ASP.NET programming with hands-on experience on live projects of the industry. Since mere B.Tech degree doesn’t suffice in this highly competitive era, hence this additional training course can give new wings to their career.

ASP.NET Training in Patna for CSE students: They can take benefit of this training by learning ASP.NET theory with working experience on real time projects. It will boost their career growth.

ASP.NET Training in Patna for BCA students: They can attain more theoretical and practical knowledge about ASP.NET and its underlying concepts. It will be helpful in enhancing programming skills and career growth.

ASP.NET Training in Patna for BBA students: They can take this training as extra knowledge provider apart from financial studies. They can shift their career in Web developing industry.

ASP.NET Training in Patna for MCA students: They can receive sound theoretical base as well as efficient programming in web developing sector. It will be helpful for them to get placed in MNCs.

ASP.NET Training in Patna for MBA students: They can get benefits by attaining web developing skills so that they can either shift their career in web developing industry or become competent entrepreneurs.



On concluding note we would like to assure aspirants undertaking ASP.NET Training Course in Patna, it is job oriented, cost effective and imparting placement assistance. Therefore our training course will be fruitful to participating aspirants. PIT cordially invites all of you.

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Why Join Only PIT For ASP .Net Training Program In Patna

6 Week Training + Certificate + Live Project + Job Assistance


Latest & Updated Curriculum

PIT ASP .Net Training Course provides most updated & latest curriculum in the IT industry.

Learn from the Experts

All the trainers & mentors at PIT are expert in their domain. We have ASP .NET faculty having more than 5 years of experience.


Professional Certificate

After completing ASP .Net Course, students will be awarded certificate from IT company registered in Ministry of Corporate affairs.


Guranteed Career Growth

ASP .Net Course is designed in such a way that student get the complete theoretical & practical knowledge. Such that they will surely use this knowledge in future.

Placement Assistance

We provide job assistance to all our student. Job assistance includes like question asked in interviews, resume preparation & places where to apply for the job.

Live Project Training

ASP .Net training course includes live project training. In live project training students get the feel that how things work in real world.

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