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DRUPAL Training In Patna

Drupal is a Content Management Software (CMS) which is used to make so many websites and applications which you use everyday. It has great and remarkable standard features such as easy content authoring, excellent security and reliable performance. It’s flexibility and modularity makes it apart which is one of its core principles. By focusing all these things Semsols Technologies bring DRUPAL TRAINING IN PATNA which provide you the knowledge and skill to make attractive websites using Drupal. Our DRUPAL TRAINING IN PATNA imparts you the essential knowledge and concepts which you’ll need to get started with Drupal. Semsols train Drupal to each and every students from the beginning so that they will learn and understand very fast and can boost their career rapidly.


6 Weeks Course + Verified Certificate + Live Project + Job Assistance


In our DRUPAL TRAINING IN PATNA from Semsols, you’ll learn how to leverage Drupal’s API to create custom modules and how theming system works. You’ll also learn how to customize Drupal site with HTML, CSS, Javascript, custom fonts and more. You’ll see how PHP, CSS, HTML, Javascript and Twig combines to allow to design your website. As, Drupal is recognized as a powerful and flexible software and it is fully ideal for sites with so many features and uses, it is currently used by so many government agencies including, the national websites and organizations such as The Economist, Mint, New York Government and Arizona University. It is widely used in countries such as India and France. With the help of our DRUPAL TRAINING IN PATNA from Semsols, you’ll be able to create custom websites with open source content management platform and also learn about different layouts, themes, static and front pages.

Enroll yourself for the DRUPAL TRAINING IN PATNA from Semsols today and ensure a lucrative career in web development and design. Our Drupal Training welcomes the students of BCA, MCA, BBA, MBA, B.TECH, CSE and Engineering students who have a great passion for developing websites.

DRUPAL Training In Patna For B.Tech, CSE, MCA, MBA, BCA, BBA Engineering Student

DRUPAL TRAINING IN PATNA FOR MBA STUDENTS: With the well understandings of Business Administration of the students of MBA, Semsols brings a interactive and comprehensive DRUPAL TRAINING IN PATNA that helps MBA students to be the master in framework and develop state of art in websites for clients.

DRUPAL TRAINING IN PATNA FOR B.TECH STUDENTS: With the help of our Drupal Training, students will be able to create their own page where they can add, delete, modify and publish content on it. With the rising demand of Drupal with large organizations, the opportunity for job market of Drupal is going very strong nowadays which imparts students to work with big MNCs including Sony, Pfizer and the New York stock exchange.

DRUPAL TRAINING IN PATNA FOR CSE STUDENTS: After getting our DRUPAL TRAINING IN PATNA certification to the students of CSE, they can validate their knowledge and skills on products and services, establish their expertise and credibility, gain marketplace visibility and fostering on continuous improvement and growth.

DRUPAL TRAINING IN PATNA FOR ENGINEERING STUDENTS: Engineering students comes with IT industry which is very beneficial for Drupal. After completing our DRUPAL TRAINING IN PATNA from Semsols, Engineering students will be able to create websites and blogs and it will also help them to obtain job in big MNCs with higher salaries.

DRUPAL TRAINING IN PATNA FOR BBA STUDENTS: DRUPAL TRAINING IN PATNA is especially made for BBA students so that they can build websites. After completing DRUPAL TRAINING IN PATNA from Semsols, BBA students will get our Drupal Training certificate which helps them to find MNCs job with higher wages.

DRUPAL TRAINING IN PATNA FOR BCA STUDENTS: DRUPAL TRAINING IN PATNA requires expertise in HTML and CSS which is already known by the students of BCA which helps them to start a new career with Drupal with high wages. Our dedicated team of developers, designers and programmers will guide the BCA students through the project duration tenure. Also, BCA students have very good analytical and logical skills which is needed in this Drupal.

DRUPAL TRAINING IN PATNA FOR MCA STUDENTS: MCA students are well known of HTML and CSS which is very beneficial for them and for the developers to confer thousand of modules, designs and themes and enable them to make a large number of custom templates for managing, organizing and publishing content. After completion of DRUPAL TRAINING IN PATNA from Semsols, MCA students will get a Drupal training certification which helps them to find jobs in big MNCs.

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I completed my DRUPAL Training Course at Patna Industrial Training Institute. Really appreciate a lots to my mentors the way they guided and helped me to understand the course as a whole. Thanks a lot !!!

Shreya Kumar

Really very much impressed the way entire DRUPAL course was explained within 6 Weeks. I was worried initially as if the course would be completed in short span as my vacations was limited. Thanks !!!

Deepa Kumari

Why Select SEMSOLS Technologies Pvt Ltd For DRUPAL Training In Patna?

6 Week Training + Certificate + Live Project + Job Assistance


Latest & Updated Curriculum

Semsols DRUPAL Training Course provides most updated & latest curriculum in the IT industry.

Learn From The Experts

All the trainers & mentors at SEMSOLS are expert in their domain. We have DRUPAL faculty having more than 5 years of experience.


Professional Certificate

After completing DRUPAL Training students will be awarded a certificate from IT company registered in Ministry of Corporate affairs.


Guranteed Career Growth

DRUPAL Training Course is designed in such a way that student gets complete theoretical & practical knowledge. Such that they will surely use this knowledge in the future.

Placement Assistance

We provide job assistance to all our student. Job assistance includes a question asked in interviews, resume preparation & places where to apply for the job.

Live Project Training

DRUPAL training includes live project training. In live project training students get the feal that how things work in real world.

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