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JAVA Training In Patna

Patna Industrial Training (PIT) offer Java Programming Language Training Program. This program is a 6 Months Job assured Training| 6 Weeks Certificate Training in the fields of JAVA with SWING and MySQL/ORACLE/SQL Server. In this training program, you will learn multiple technologies that will enable you to create our own Java Application/Project. This training program is design and trained by PIT’s team of experts who have built different real time, market demanding Application/Project. You will learn through different resource.

For a great hands-on learning experience, the training program is designed with assignments, assessment tests, code challenges, quizzes, and exercises. At the end of this training program, you will build a commercial application that will seamlessly work across different devices. For doubt clearing, you can post your queries on the PIT’s training forum and get answers within a few hours.


6 Weeks Course + Verified Certificate + Live Project + Job Assistance

Learn how to create Java Desktop Application from Scratch

Duration: 6 Months Job assured Training| 6 Weeks Certificate Training

Module 1: Object Oriented Programming - How to Approach a System?

  • Describe the concept and features of object-oriented programming
  • Create classes and objects and add methods to aclass
  • Basic concepts inOOPS
  • Real World Comparison

Module 2: Evolution of JAVA

  • Know the history of Java
  • Requirements and Environment(JDK)
  • Comparison with other languages
  • Basic Features

Module 3: Learn the Fundamentals of Java Programming

  • Understanding Java Architecture
  • Understanding Java VirtualMachine(JVM)
  • Understanding and Installing Java Development Kit
  • Knowing the Program Structure
  • Data types , Variables and Operators
  • How to handle arrays in Java
  • Dealing with various Programming Constraints

Module 4: Leaping into java - The Logics and Techniques

  • Managing Classes and Objects in Java
  • Managing Functions
  • Understanding Constructors
  • Dealing with Garbage Collection
  • Working with Inheritance in Java
  • Understanding Abstract Classes and Interfaces

Module 5: Packages - The Library Management

  • Introduction to packages
  • Know How to implement apackage
  • CLASSPATH Setting forPackages.
  • Making JAR Files for LibraryPackages
  • Import and Static Import
  • Knowing java.lang package
  • Knowing java.util package
  • Knowing package (input/output programming)
  • Streams and the new I/O Capabilities
  • Understanding Streams
  • The Classes for Input and Output

Module 6: Multithreaded Programming - The Inside Parallelism

  • Basic concepts and needs ofmulti-threading
  • Life Cycle of a Thread
  • How to create athread
  • Handling Thread Priorities
  • Enforcing Thread Synchronization
  • Maintaining Interthread Communication
  • Other thread functions

Module 7: Exception Handling - The Error Management

  • The Idea behind Exception
  • Exceptions & Errors
  • Types of Exception
  • Control Flow InExceptions
  • JVM reaction toExceptions
  • Use of try, catch, finally, throw, throws in ExceptionHandling

Module 8: GUI Programming - The Easiness of Interaction

  • Introduction to AWT
  • Know the Window Fundamentals
  • Working with Frame Windows
  • Working with Graphics
  • Using AWT Controls andMenus
  • Understanding Layout Managers

Module 9: JFC and Swing - A Higher Level of User Interaction

  • Features of the Java Foundation Classes
  • Overview of Swing
  • Components and Containers
  • Swing Packages
  • Exploring Swing components
  • Generating Swing Application

Module 10: Database Connectivity using JDBC

  • Understanding JDBC
  • Define the layers in JDBC architecture
  • Various types of JDBC drivers
  • Manipulating various SQLQueries
  • Manage transactions and perform batch updates inJDBC
  • Creating Database Connectivity Applications

What do you get?

  • Hands On Exercises
  • Industrial Project
  • Certified Training
  • Forum support
  • Flexible timings
  • Professionally qualified and highly skilled and well experienced faculties on board, with hands on experience
  • Interview tests and Placement Assistance
  • Corporate Partner Assistance

Best Institute For JAVA Training Course In Patna

Java Training In Patna is really a very beneficial training program in which you will experience, learn and gained a lot by working hard and the knowledge that we gather all along its journey is immensely valuable. Though, the training can be as short as a week or as long as 12 months. Java and its related technologies are widely used to develop and maintain various big and small applications for various industries. So it’s essential to have in-depth knowledge in this field which can open so many doors of opportunities for students or a person. So don’t delay just expand your knowledge of Java for job and career progression by getting enrolled in Java Training In Patna by Semsols. We provide top-notch and comprehensive Java training. Get yourself enrolled in our Java Training In Patna today.

JAVA Training In Patna By Semsols For B.Tech, CSE, MCA, MBA, BCA, BBA Engineering Student Includes :

JAVA Training In Patna For B.Tech Students: Java Training In Patna For B.Tech Student is a way through which it enriches the engineering students to learn and gain knowledge with practical and get to know about the conceptual learning of the Java. Java Training In Patna for engineering Students is designed in such a way that the students will get conceptual knowledge related to the specific subjects and more hands-on knowledge along with Live Projects work.

JAVA Training In Patna For CSE Students: Semsols Technologies Pvt Ltd is offering a very good opportunity for doing Java Training In Patna For CSE Student in which you will get to learn, experience and gain knowledge about the respective Java languages and way to code program on it. Really it is a great opportunity for all the enthusiastic CSE engineering students to experiment and learn out the new things of Java language along with its programming technique.

JAVA Training In Patna For MCA Students: Semsols is providing the Java Training In Patna For MCA Student which is totally based on a Live project on Java different areas such as Database, CSS, JavaScript and so on. Thus, by doing this Java Training In Patna program will give extra benefits for all MCA students to learn and gain more knowledge in the Java subjects with our live project training session program for MCA students which will help you in getting a job in top MNC companies.

JAVA Training In Patna For MBA Students: Java Training In Patna For MBA Student basically gives the opportunity to learn about Java language and technologies use in it in deep that is database, coding, Java script and to work on projects for a company which helps to develop you up with the right skills and intellect to solve the corporate world problems. Thus, to do so Java Training In Patna, Semsols is one of the best-suited options for it.

JAVA Training In Patna For BCA Students: Java Training In Patna For BCA Student really holds importance for all the year of BCA students as by doing Java training program will help you to know and learn more about the Java language and you can even get specialization in Java language which is very much beneficial and helpful for the job acquisition.

JAVA Training In Patna For BBA Students: Java Training In Patna For BBA Student is really a good and beneficial source of valuable lessons and getting work experience in Java language and its use in technologies and so on. As a program of Java training for BBA students will help a lot in getting the opportunity to work on client Java projects and will be helpful in understanding the need of the industry.

Looking to know or want more information about the Java Training In Patna For B.Tech, CSE, MCA, MBA, BCA, BBA Engineering Student, then feel free to get in touch with us or Call Us at #8210015740

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With the completion of  my Java Training Course from Patna Industrial Training Institute. I got hired by a well reputed MNC who offered a handsome salary package. Therefore i would highly recommend to join Semsols for JAVA Traning in Patna. Special Thanks to all my mentors of Semsols……

Neha Wadhwa

I was in search of a reliable institute which can provide a fast track course of Java Training in Patna. After Joining Semsols i was really impressed by their teaching technical skills who completed the entire course within just 6 Weeks with all doubt clearing sessions given by their faculty members.

Ritesh Singh

Why Patna Industrial Training For JAVA Training in Patna?


6 Week Training + Certificate + Live Project + Job Assistance


Latest & Updated Curriculum

PIT Java Training Course provides most updated & latest curriculum in the IT industry.

Learn from the Experts

All the trainers & mentors at PIT are expert in their domain. We have Java faculty having more than 5 years of experience.


Professional Certificate

After completing JAVA Training students will be awarded certificate from IT company registered in Ministry of Corporate affairs.


Guranteed Career Growth

JAVA Course is designed in such a way that student get the complete theoritcal & practical knowledge. Such that they will surely use this knowlege in future.

Placement Assistance

We provide job assistance to all our student. Job assistance includes like question asked in interviews, resume preparation & places where to apply for the job.

Live Project Training

JAVA training includes live project training. In live project training students get the feel that how things work in real world.

Reason To Select Patna Industrial Training Institute As Your JAVA Training Institute

Years Of Experience

Maximum Batch Size

Student Trained & Placed



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