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Python Training In Patna

Are you looking for a perfect Institute for Python Training in Patna? Did you want to learn advanced Python Training Course in Patna? If you are interested in making a fruitful career in python programmer? Are you searching for some excited offers for Python Training in Patna? Then you have must reached at the Semsols Pvt Ltd which can be best choice for you because here you will get all informations related to the Python Training with 100% placement support. Thus, keep reading this blog throughly.

Patna Industrial Training (PIT) is the world class Institution for providing Python Training in Patna. It is considered to be the most reliable company which offers the job oriented training to the candidates who want to make their career as a Python Expert. This institution is well recognized as the best learning center for Python Training for CSE, BBA, B.Tech, MCA, Engineering, MBA, BCA Students in Patna.


6 Weeks Course + Verified Certificate + Live Project + Job Assistance

Best Python Training Course in Patna

Below are the modules which will be taught in Python training course in patna. Duration of this course in 3 Months & 6 Months. 

Module 1 - Course Overview

  • Course Introduction
  • Python 2 versus Python 3

Module 2 - Python Setup

  • Command Line Basics
  • Installing Python (Step by Step)
  • Running Python Code

Module 3 - Python Object and Data Structure Basics

  • Introduction to Python Data Types
  • Python Numbers
  • Variable Assignments
  • Introduction to Strings
  • Indexing and Slicing with Strings
  • String Indexing
  • String Slicing
  • String Properties and Methods
  • Print Formatting with Strings
  • Lists in Python
  • Dictionaries in Python
  • Tuples with Python
  • Sets in Python
  • Booleans in Python
  • I/O with Basic Files in Python

Module 4 - Python Comparison Operators

  • Comparison Operators in Python
  • Chaining Comparison Operators in Python with Logical Operators

Module 5 - Python Statements

  • If Elif and Else Statements in Python
  • For Loops in Python
  • While Loops in Python
  • Useful Operators in Python
  • List Comprehensions in Python

Module 6 - Methods and Functions

  • Methods and the Python Documentation
  • Functions in Python
  • Functions #1: print Hello World
  • Functions #2: print Hello Name
  • Functions #3 – simple Boolean
  • Functions #4 – using Booleans
  • Functions #5: simple math
  • Functions #6: is even
  • Functions #7: is greater
  • *args and **kwargs in Python
  • Functions #8: *args
  • Functions #9: pick evens
  • Functions #10: skyline
  • Lambda Expressions, Map, and Filter Functions
  • Nested Statements and Scope
  • Functions and Methods

Module 7 - Object Oriented Programming

  • Introduction
  • Attributes and Class Keyword
  • Class Object Attributes and Methods
  • Inheritance and Polymorphism
  • Special (Magic/Dunder) Methods

Module 8 - Modules and Packages

  • Pip Install and PyPi
  • Modules and Packages
  • __name__ and “__main__”

Module 9 - Errors and Exceptions Handling

  • Errors and Exception Handling
  • Errors and Exceptions Homework
  • Errors and Exception Homework – Solutions
  • Pylint Overview
  • Running tests with the Unittest Library

Module 10 - Python Decorators

  • Decorators with Python Overview
  • Decorators Homework

Module 11 - Python Generators

  • Generators with Python

Module 12 - Advanced Python Modules

  • Advanced Numbers
  • Advanced Strings
  • Advanced Sets
  • Advanced Dictionaries
  • Advanced Lists
  • Advanced Python Objects Assessment Test
  • Advanced Python Objects Test – Solutions

Module 13 - Advanced Python Objects and Data Structures

  • Collections Module – counter
  • Collections Module – defaultdict
  • Collections Module – OrderedDict
  • Collections Module – namedtuple
  • Datetime
  • Python Debugger – pdb
  • Timing your code – timeit
  • Regular Expressions -re
  • StringIO

Module 14 - Introduction to GUIs

  • Introduction to GUIs
  • Interact Functionality with GUIs
  • GUI Widget Basics
  • List of Possible Widgets
  • Widget Styling and Layouts

Module 15 - Conclusion

  • What Next ?

Best Institute For Python Training Course In Patna

We are the most recommended Python Training Institute in Patna that offers certified practical knowledge and then implementing those learning on the live projects which ensures the job placement in the highest ranking company of the World. Our training program is entirely based on latest technologies of advanced level python courses through our most experienced mentors who are certified professionals and specially hired for teaching this high level programming level called Python. Our main motive is to help each students in learning and growing up as a professional with extensive technical education according to current market standards.

What do you Understand By Python Training?

Python is a high level programming language which is widely used as a scripting language by the programmers to develop any programming application. This was firstly introduced by Guido Van Rossum in 1985-1990. It is getting extremely popular these days because it actively supports several programming patterns like Object Oriented, Procedural, Imperative as well as Functional styles. It supports almost every latest Operating System like Mac OS, Linux or Unix, Windows all versions. It is actually a powerful programming language which can be easily read, write and understand.

It can be used in creating web application on a server and can also get connected to database of the system. Python is basically an open source, general purpose, interpreted, object -oriented, interactive with dynamic semantic high level programming language which is primarily used for web and application development.

Positive Impacts Of Python Training

As we all know that to survive in this competitive world become extremely essential for the one who are well acquainted with new languages used in web development that helps in high level programming. Python is one of the most popular language theses days. Hence, it really become necessary to learn this new highly advance language if you want to start a new career as a python programmer. Some advantage of learning Python is as mentioned below:

  • Python is simple, easy to read, learn and understand.
  • There is huge demand of Python Trainers or programmers in the IT companies all over the world.
  • There is opportunity to work as a freelancer or Data Analyst or Software Engineer.
  • Its job salary is very impressive as compared to any other languages.
  • It is getting most popular language therefore in demand also.

Python Training For CSE Aspirants : Here in Semsols we are providing the Python Training For CSE Aspirants in Patna within affordable rate. It can helps in developing the skills and knowledge for becoming a Python programmer.

Python Training For B.Tech Students : Semsols Technologies Pvt Ltd provides the Python Training For B.Tech students in Patna. It offers an excellent platform to learn and explore this new opportunity through the industry experts.

Python Training For MCA Candidates : SEMSOLS offers Python Training For MCA candidates in Patna on week days and weekend special batches. Our course is entirely based on the industry recommendations and regularly updated with the latest technologies.

Python Training For Engineering Aspirants : Semsols Pvt Ltd encourages Python Training For Engineering aspirants in Patna with hundred percent placement assurance. We actually provides online or off-line classes to learn from basic to advanced level of Python courses.

Python Training For BBA Students : Semsols Technologies Pvt Ltd offers Python Training For BBA students in Patna. This professional training provides the python programming skills from the well educated facility members within nominal fee structure.

Python Training For BCA Candidates : SEMSOLS is providing the Python Training For BCA candidates in Patna with real live projects experiences. We actually offers the job oriented training programs to the students so that they can efficiently achieve their targeted career goal.

Python Training For BCA Students : Semsols is offering the Python Training For BCA students in Patna with fast track training classes. We are having well defined course modules programs and excellent training sessions for the desired students with 100% placement support.

Hence, If you are interested in learning Python high level language which is the most fastest growing sector in IT field. Then must come and join us at Semsols Technologies Pvt Ltd who is offering the best and affordable Python Training for BBA, CSE, MCA, B.Tech, Engineering, BCA, MBA Students in Patna. Our main vision is to be globally regarded as the most leading Institution working towards the fulfilling the technical educational needs of the willing candidates and working professionals with the excellence.

Kindly contact on #91–8210015740 & Come and Join Us To Build Up Your Career!!!!

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I completed my Python Training from this Institute last month. Faculties here are very hardworking and they are dedicated to provide you every help. I strongly recommend this institute for those who want a good career.


Why Only PIT For Python Training in Patna?

6 Week Training + Certificate + Live Project + Job Assistance


Latest & Updated Curriculum

PIT Python Training Course provides most updated & latest curriculum in the IT industry.

Learn from the Experts

All the trainers & mentors at PIT are expert in their domain. We have Python faculty having more than 5 yeras of experience.


Professional Certificate

After completing Python Training students will be awarded certicate from IT company resistered in Ministry of Corporate affairs.


Guranteed Career Growth

Python Course is designed in such a way that student get the complete theoretical & practical knowledge. Such that they will surely use this knowledge in future.

Placement Assistance

We provide job assistance to all our student. Job assistance includes like question asked in interviews, resume preparation & places where to apply for the job.

Live Project Training

Python training includes live project training. In live project training students get the feal that how things work in real world.

Why Join Patna Industrial Training Institute As Your Python Training Institute

Years Of Experience

Maximum Batch Size

Student Trained & Placed



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